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Lost Farm – Vegan Gummies – Juicy Peach – Mimosa Live Resin – 100 MG

Lost Farm produces strain-specific, plant-based edibles infused with 100% live resin for a distinctively full-spectrum, true-to-the-plant-high. This one-of-a-kind offering infuses delicious peach gummies with dab-quality Mimosa live resin.

The Mimosa strain is highly praised for its fruity flavor profile and energizing, stimulating effects. The fruit-forward notes from the Mimosa live resin pair perfectly with the peach gummies, delivering an elevated edible experience.

Lost Farm – Vegan Gummies – Honey Apple – Sunshine OG Live Resin – 100 MG

Jetty’s 100% Live Resin Sunshine OG features a sweet ’n sour chorus of citrus notes turned spicy and herbal in this sativa-dominant strain whose fragrance will have you walking on- that’s right- sunshine.

The Sunshine OG live resin notes take a backseat in this fruity, flavor-forward gummy that finishes with a touch of sweet honey flavor. Lost Farms limited releases are made in small batches and available for short runs, snag a delicious Jetty Live Resin infused Honey Apple gummy while they last! Vegan friendly.



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Juicy Peach – Mimosa Live Resin – 100 MG SATIVA THC: 100mg, Honey Apple – Sunshine OG Live Resin – 100 MG SATIVA THC: 100mg

5 reviews for Lost Farm Vegan Gummies – 100mg

  1. Lucas W.

    The taste of these is the perfect amount of natural sweet. Effectiveness is excellent as well. Was balanced off 10mg. Love the strain specific line from Kiva.

  2. Hilary B.

    Really had a fantastic experience with this bag o bursts. Flavor was good, but high — whoa took me all day for it to wear down. Very heavy!

  3. Jeff N.

    Perfect for bedtime and anxiety. This delicious gummy left me numb and tingly. Initial high comes in waves before peaking hours later.

  4. James W.

    Great relaxing feeling and went to sleep and woke up feeling great.

  5. Henry F.

    Received the wrong item. I was not asked what if like as a replacement.

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